All datacenters contain systems from different vendors. Red Hat® honors open standards and builds our software to work well in heterogeneous environments.


Strategic and tactical interoperability

Red Hat implements interoperability on both tactical and strategic levels:

  • Strategic: Red Hat is committed to and contributes to the definition of open standards because systems conforming to those standards can work together.

  • Tactical: Applications running on dissimilar systems can use shared resources (for example, printers, files, and identity) either because they use a standard interface or because Red Hat provides a software bridge between those dissimilar systems.

Red Hat is committed to giving you the largest choice of applications.



Identity management

User identity management is a fundamental IT building block. Efficient corporate governance depends on a consistent identity across systems, and users become frustrated when they need multiple identities and passwords to do routine work.

Whether your primary repository of identity information is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) (or another identity manager) in Red Hat Enterprise Linux® or Active Directory in Microsoft Windows, either can be used to drive a single source of identity within your datacenter.

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File system interoperability

Sharing a file server within a business should be simple. And because Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides interoperability support for proprietary Windows file systems, it can be.

Either build a standard Network File System (NFS) file server with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and use it from your Windows system, or use SAMBA to make Windows file systems accessible on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

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Print service interoperability

Printers shouldn't be trapped by the systems they're attached to. They won't be with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Just configure your local printer to point to the Windows printer that you'd like to use and make sure that the Windows machine allows access.

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