Transforming the communications industry with open source

Big data. Rapidly changing industry demands. Shifting business models. As an IT leader in the communications industry, you are being asked to meet these challenges without impacting efficiency, performance, or total cost of ownership (TCO). You need to constantly create better, more innovative products and get them to market faster.

Red Hat can help. With our products and solutions, your company can achieve the agility, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness you need to respond to rapidly changing industry demands.


Overcome industry challenges with Red Hat

Whether shifting business models to capture new revenue, meeting explosive growth and unpredictable peaks in bandwidth demands, or fighting intense competition, communications companies are facing significant change and growth.

Red Hat  offers the most secure, open IT infrastructure to help providers gain cost and operational efficiency, reduce complexity, accelerate time to market, and support for flexibility and growth – including within private, hybrid, and public cloud environments.

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Reduced costs

If you're like most telco executives, you’re being asked to significantly cut costs in today's tough economic conditions. How do you balance capital investment spend and operating expenses to choose the right platforms and technologies? Red Hat can help.

Churn management

As a provider in the competitive telco industry, you’re being forced to focus on a higher level of customer service while fighting to gain new users and maintain your current customer base. To do this, you need a reliable IT infrastructure for less downtime and better performance.


In an industry where innovation is key, telco providers work to drive out new technologies faster than competitors. Find out how you can speed innovation and get your new network technologies into the market faster.

Support for legacy systems

The evolution of telco IT requires bundling legacy and emerging next-generation products and services while driving out new network technology. Wouldn't it be nice if you could standardize on a single network technology that supports all legacy and next-generation products and services?


JBoss Enterprise Middleware

Proprietary middleware is expensive, and license costs only continue to rise. That's why progressive enterprises like Covad Communications and Swisscom IT traded high costs and vendor lock-in for open source and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. Learn how you can too.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an enterprise platform well suited for a variety of applications across the IT infrastructure. It offers flexibility, efficiency, and control, and works across a broad range of hardware architectures, hypervisors, and clouds.

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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Virtualization allows a single server to run multiple server or desktop operating systems. Red Hat has expanded choice and removed barriers to adoption with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, offering leading performance and scalability, security, cost advantages, and much more.

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Cloud computing

Red Hat and open source are defining the current and next-generation private and public clouds. Find out how you can leverage cloud technology to gain a competitive edge today.

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