Infrastructure consolidation

Infrastructure consolidation in these tough economic times makes pragmatic sense. But when done well, it’s also a strategic decision.

Simplify and streamline

Smaller doesn't have to mean less capable. With Red Hat®, it means less complex and wasteful. Red Hat technologies let you make simplifying changes to your datacenter, such as:

  • Using virtualization to replace physical servers with virtual servers, reducing over-provisioning and energy consumption.

  • Applying interoperability solutions to reduce duplicated services in heterogeneous datacenters.

  • Consolidating applications and information with JBoss® Enterprise SOA Platform


Wasteful over-provisioning

Do you anticipate peak workloads by buying extra systems that often sit idle?

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Duplicated system services

Does your heterogeneous datacenter include duplicate services because your Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Microsoft systems don't cooperate?

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Application silos

Are your information systems still segregated from one another? Do your knowledge workers have to traverse multiple systems to get their work done?


Consolidation by virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization lets you consolidate servers to reduce over-provisioning, automatically consolidate idle applications, and power down idle physical servers.

Consolidating with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization:

  • Increases business agility and continuity.

  • Provides enterprise virtualization management features like live migration, high availability, load balancing, and power saving.

  • Costs 60% to 80% less with the same or better features than other solutions.

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Consolidation by interoperability

Businesses have long experienced the pain of stovepiped applications and information, and understood the value of integrated systems.

Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform lets you integrate applications and information without costly and disruptive reimplementation projects.

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