Resilient Storage

The Resilient Storage Add-On for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides numerous file system capabilities for improving resiliency to system failure.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Resilient Storage Add-On LogoThis Add-On includes:

  • Global File System 2 (GFS2) for supporting concurrent access.
  • Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX (POSIX)-compliant file system across 16 nodes.
  • Clustered Samba, a clustered common Internet file system (CIFS), for concurrent file shares in a Microsoft Windows environment.


GFS2 is a shared storage file system—often referred to as a cluster file system—that gives each server in a cluster direct access to a shared block device over a local storage area network (SAN) of up to 100TB. Each member of the cluster has direct access to the same storage device, and all cluster nodes access the same set of files.

Because a clustered file system like GFS2 requires cache consistency to ensure data consistency and integrity, there must be a single version of all files in a cluster visible to all nodes within that cluster. To prevent members of the cluster from updating the same storage block at the same time in a way that corrupts data, GFS2 uses a cluster-wide locking mechanism called Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) to arbitrate access to the storage as a concurrency control mechanism.

Note: The Resilient Storage Add-On includes the High Availability Add-On.


GFS2 shared storage file system

GFS2 is a clustered file system in which data is shared among GFS2 nodes with a single, consistent, and coherent view of the file system name space. Processes on different nodes may work with GFS2 files in the same way that processes on 1 node can share files in a local file system.

Cluster Logical Volume Manager (CLVM)

CLVM provides certain Logical Volume Manager, version 2 (LVM2) features cluster-wide while retaining all the existing LVM2 features for single-node operation. The logical volumes created with CLVM make logical volumes available to all nodes in a cluster.

Clustered Samba (technical preview)

Clustered Samba enables exporting of a GFS2 file system through 1 or more nodes in the cluster in an active/passive or active/active configuration to provide a highly available Samba service. This technology, currently in tech preview, will allow Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers to provide robust storage for Microsoft clients.


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