Product Architecture Services

Advanced configuration and integration support for Red Hat technologies

Integrating Red Hat® technologies into your existing environment can require more expertise or resources than you have in your IT department. With Red Hat Product Architecture Services, our experts design and install a custom solution to meet your enterprise#39;s specific business needs.

Custom solutions designed and installed for you

Our consultants assess your requirements, design and install an advanced configuration, and validate the solution setup. Plus, we give you tools and training to be successful long after our consultants leave. This service offers:

  • Design: Advanced configuration design based on product implementation requirements, proven use cases, and Red Hat expertise.
  • Installation: Targeted configuration and integration as well as validation of the solution setup.
  • Training: Guidance on best practices for ongoing management of your solution, documentation of your installation and configuration, and observations about additional performance opportunities.

Product Architecture Services

Red Hat Consulting offers the following Product Architecture Services:

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